The Association of Banks in Malaysia

The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) was formed in November 1973. Our membership is currently made up of the 26 commercial banks operating in Malaysia. Since its inception, ABM has been actively involved in various initiatives to promote and strengthen the commercial banking industry to become more resilient, effective and efficient.

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Loans/Financing Approved by Commercial Banks in Quarter 4 of 2023:
RM 115.5 billion
Commercial banks’ Liquidity Coverage Ratio as at 31 December 2023:
161 %
Loan approvals to SMEs (includes data from the banking system and development financial institutions [DFIs]) in Quarter 4 of 2023:
RM 49.3 billion
Number of employees in the Financial Services Sector as at December 2023:
168,654 employees
Commercial Banks’ Capitalisation Ratio at the end of December 2023:
CET 1 Capital Ratio (%) 14.8
Tier 1 Capital Ratio (%) 15.2
Total Capital Ratio (%) 18.2

Source: Bank Negara Malaysia