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December 13, 2016
Kuala Lumpur, Tuesday, 13 December 2016: It has been brought to the attention of the Association of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia and The Association of Banks in Malaysia that many retailers are automatically bypassing PIN when presented with a new PINenabled card, possibly to avoid having to present the PIN pad to the customer.

Using PIN is a more secure, convenient and faster way to pay compared to using signature. Retailers with PIN-enabled terminals should always offer their customers the opportunity to securely key in their 6-digit PIN if the customers are using PIN-enabled cards and the terminal prompts for PIN entry. Retailers who have PIN-enabled terminals are also urged to display the PIN & Pay logo at their shop and payment counters.

The rollout of PIN & Pay in Malaysia has reached critical mass in terms of the number of PINenabled cards distributed to cardholders, and the number of terminals at retailers upgraded for PIN. PIN & Pay is now available at many of the retailers where cardholders shop most frequently such as, but not limited to, supermarkets/hypermarkets, departmental stores and pharmacies. The Associations, in collaboration with Mastercard and Visa, are actively promoting the usage of PIN across the country.

Many customers have already received their PIN-enabled cards. “As a cardholder, if you have not yet received a new PIN-enabled card, you should contact your card issuer as soon as you can. If you have received your new PIN-enabled card, you must activate the card and select a PIN straightaway. Always insist on entering your PIN at retailers where you see the PIN & Pay logo, or where you notice the retailer has a PIN-enabled terminal,” the Associations said. “If you have forgotten your PIN, contact your card issuer today to select a new PIN that you will remember,” they added.

All retailers and cardholders must switch to PIN as soon as possible because card payments without PIN will soon cease to be allowed in Malaysia.

Note to Editor:
  • Malaysia has commenced a market wide project to change the way customers are verified when using their payment card at domestic point of sale (POS) terminals. This project is called the “PIN and Pay” campaign.
  • The change will mean customers will enter a 6-digit PIN instead of signing. The main reason for this change is to align Malaysia with global best practices for card use as well as to improve security for Malaysian cards at both Malaysian terminals and those terminals overseas that support PIN entry. All credit, debit, charge and prepaid cards in Malaysia that currently support signature will be replaced with new cards programmed to support PIN.
  • Cardholders are encouraged to enter their PIN whenever they are making payments with their PIN-enabled card especially when they see the PIN & Pay logo (as set out below) being displayed:
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