Beware of calls purportedly from banks seeking personal information

April 7, 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Friday, 7 April 2017: – Members of the public are advised to ignore calls purportedly being made from banks regarding outstanding loan amounts or requesting confirmation on credit card transactions. Based on the reports received by The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM), it is noted that there are two common modus operandi (MO) employed by the fraudsters.

The first MO involves a recorded message informing the recipients that they have an outstanding amount due with an option to connect to a customer service officer or to call the bank’s customer service department at a specified telephone number.

Under the second MO, the caller will identify himself/herself as an officer of a bank and will inform the recipient that there was a transaction performed using his credit card, or that his loan/credit card payment is overdue. The caller would then proceed to ask for the recipient’s personal details on the pretext of checking their system. In some cases, the caller would transfer the call to another “officer” from the complaints or similar department. The caller may also advise the recipient to contact Bank Negara Malaysia or the police at the number provided by the caller, which are not the genuine contact numbers for these parties.

Anyone who receives such calls is reminded not to follow the instructions provided by the caller and not to disclose any of their personal information. Also, never call the number provided by the caller. Instead, please contact the bank’s customer service number as listed on the bank’s website to seek clarification or confirmation on the authenticity of the call.

We wish to remind all bank customers that banks will NEVER request for personal information through telephone calls.

The public is welcomed to contact us at our ABMConnect hotline by dialing 1-300-88-9980, or emailing us at eABMConnect by logging on to our website,
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