ABM: In response to letter-to-editor on "More privacy needed for PIN input on machines" published in The Star on 28 August 2017

September 12, 2017
We refer to the abovementioned subject matter and would like to thank ‘A Disgruntled Shopper’ for highlighting his concerns on this matter.

In line with the exercise to migrate credit cards from chip and signature to chip and PIN, all terminals at retail outlets were also upgraded to accept PIN. Over this period, the banks engaged with the retailers to brief them on the importance of privacy for cardholders to conduct their PIN transactions. The retailers have been advised on the best practices to be adopted to enable customers to key in their PINs safely and securely. This includes positioning the terminals to allow customers to enter the PIN conveniently and also ensuring that the cables to the terminals are of sufficient length so that the customers can reach the PIN pad easily.

The banks will conduct checks at the retail outlets and take the necessary steps to rectify any shortcomings pertaining to this issue.

In the interim, the writer is welcome to contact us to provide us with fuller details of the issues so that we can better address the same.
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