ABM: In response to letter-to-editor on "Be alert when keying in PIN” published in The New Straits Times on 6 November 2017

December 13, 2017
We refer to the abovementioned subject matter and would like to thank the writer Ng Shu Tsung for sharing his concerns. The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) wishes to remind all cardholders to be vigilant when keying in their PIN during a transaction.

Since PIN-enabled cards were enforced on 1 July 2017, our member banks have remained committed to continuously educating and reminding the public on safe practices when using PIN-enabled cards. Some of the examples of safe practices that cardholders can adopt to avoid becoming victims of fraud include:-

  1. Protect your PIN – do not disclose your PIN or record PIN on your payment card, or on anything kept in proximity with the payment card that could be lost or stolen with the payment card. Notify your card issuer if you have become aware that your PIN security has been compromised;
  2. Report to your card issuer immediately if your payment card is lost or stolen or an unauthorised transaction has occurred;
  3. Cover the keypad when entering your PIN (where a PIN pad shield is not available). A majority of the payment card terminals deployed by our member banks are equipped with PIN pad shield as part of the security measures undertaken to protect cardholders’ confidentiality; and,
  4. Protect your card – do not leave your payment card unattended or allow another person to have access or to use your payment card.
More information on safe practices for cardholders on PIN security can be obtained at this link: PIN & Pay

In the event of a fraudulent transaction, cardholders are advised to inform the card issuers as soon as reasonably possible. Due investigation and processes are in place to determine the circumstances involved to conclude if the reported transaction is indeed unauthorised. The cardholder will not be held liable for losses arising from unauthorised transactions once investigative efforts have proven that the cardholder has not acted fraudulently or negligently and has practiced safety steps.
The banks have put in place fraud monitoring systems which monitor the cardholders’ transactions to mitigate the occurrence of fraudulent transactions. If an unusual activity is detected, cardholders will be notified immediately to facilitate the blocking of the payment card.

Regular checks are conducted at merchant outlets to rectify any inadequacies in PIN-enabled transactions.

On the concerns with regard to the lighted terminal keypads, we wish to advise that all card payment terminals are designed to illuminate automatically once a payment card is inserted into the terminal as soon as a transaction is activated.
On a separate matter, in response to the comments by the writer, Sivanesan Chelliah – ‘Put photo on credit card’ published on 9 November 2017, we would like to assure that robust security mechanisms are in place to safeguard against unauthorised and/or fraudulent transactions. Therefore, a credit card with a photograph of the cardholder will not be necessary.

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