ABM: In response to letter-to-editor on “Auto billing and auto debit are two different matters” published in The Star on 20 November 2017

December 19, 2017
We refer to the abovementioned subject matter.

On behalf of our member banks, The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) would like to remind payment cardholders to read and understand the terms and conditions when opting for auto billing for recurrent payments. The terms and conditions set out in these agreements may vary depending on the service providers.

Auto-billing facility is available via credit/charge and debit cards. Customers wishing to opt for auto-billing would generally be required to make an application to the service providers concerned. Upon approval of the application, the customer’s monthly bills will be automatically charged to the registered card, be it credit/charge or debit card. For credit/charge cards, customers will be required to settle their credit/charge card bills with the bank concerned. For debit cards, the customers will have to ensure that they have sufficient funds for the amount to be debited from their account.

Billing dates would vary depending on the payment instrument used and the service providers.

In order to better understand the matter, we welcome the writer, “Unhappy” to contact us through our ABMConnect hotline at 1300-88-9980 or via email to banks@abm.org.my to provide us with fuller details (such as name of merchant and relevant documentation) of the incident highlighted in the letter so that we can better address the same.
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