The banking industry launched the refreshed #JanganKenaScam awareness campaign on 3 October 2023. The national scam awareness campaign underscores the banking industry’s commitment to combat financial scams in fostering unity and strengthening its efforts to prevent fraudulent banking activities, and drive forward a singular messaging on scam.

To halt the uptrend of financial scams in the country, the campaign will be carried out at a greater scale than before, to raise public awareness with a nationwide roll-out of the #JanganKenaScam Fest in urban and suburban areas, featuring experiential booths and informational exhibitions to equip Malaysians with practical anti-scam knowledge so that they can easily identify scam tactics, and protect themselves and their loved ones.

For more information on the #JanganKenaScam campaign and tips on how to combat scams, the public can visit www.JanganKenaScam.com.

Defend! Ketahui tanda scam! – Video Clip